"Remain Party" 

The "Remain Party" 


Unfortunately there is no "Remain Party".

But all votes in the EU elections are a vote FOR the EU!

1. Just VOTE!

Our Current Advice

Tactical Voting in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections

This election can be confusing for Remainers with many people telling you which party is the "best" to stop Brexit. The truth is we just need as many people to vote as possible, no matter who it's for.

In most regions there is room for more than one Remain party to win a seat. So please persuade everyone you can to get out and vote on Thursday - even if they've chosen a different remain party to you.

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Getting just 2 or 3 friends to vote
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we all make a difference



Why I won't be advising people to vote tactically in the European elections

Becky Snowden, founder of Tactical 2017, the tactical voting advice platform

What To Do

Make a plan

  • Go to vote with a friend, family member or neighbour
  • Ask elderly neighbours if they need help getting to the polling station

Get this message out

  • Share this website to Facebook groups you’re in
  • Email this website to your friends
  • Share with WhatsApp friends and ask them to pass it on

What They're Saying

The Remain Party might not be real, but the advice is.

Get out the vote on May 23rd.